So anyway; long time no update.

Sorry about that.

As with many things, real life has had a tendency to get in Bedford Falls’ way of late.

However, I recently realised that it’s the 10th¬†anniversary of our first gig, which was at The Oz Bar in Cardiff, with Jerry Built and Nozzle on the 18th April 2003, and I wondered what, if anything, we’d do to mark the occasion.

As we’re currently spread across Northern Europe, a gig was out of the question so we’ve decided to put our whole discography up on our Bandcamp page for “pay what you like” on the 18th April. So essentially, we’re giving this stuff away. For a day.

So, if you know anyone that might be interested in Bedford Falls that’s the day to let them know about us.

It’s weird to think of all of the bands that were so much better than us that we managed to outlive. We’re like the cockroaches of UK DIY.

I should probably thank a bunch of people for the decade of laughs so here goes:

Thanks to Pete, Kate and Sam for making Bedford Falls sound much better than it probably should.

Thanks to the two Jim’s; Reed and Williams for the years they put in. We might no longer be bandmates but we’ll always be mates.

Thanks too to the terrifying amount of people who’ve subbed for us for gigs and tours over the years. We’ve been lucky to have most of the best musicians from South Wales and beyond play with us. And Adz. So a huge debt of gratitude is owed to; Hywel “H” Jones, Matthew Green, Blake “Smellman” Ellman, Dave Harries, Steve Nash, Adz Smith, Jon Greenwood, Hywel Oatey Williams and Al Thomas.

Thanks to Aston and Julie at Boss Tuneage, Dave at All In Vinyl and Kazu at Waterslide for all of their support and to Monk Dave for kicking us off in fine style (although, I’m fairly sure he thinks we’re the worst band that was on his label).

Thanks to all of the bands we played with but especially, Jason, Tony, Eric and Blake of Failures Union, Dave, Rick and Doyle of Textbook, Jim, Matt and Charlie of The Magnificent and Chris, Parkes and Dave/Tim of protectors.

Thanks to Gethin Pearson for being the best kind of co-conspirator.

Thanks to anyone who put us on, put us up or put us about, we love you all.

Since I’m writing this I’m going to leave the last “thank you” to my wife, Kerry because she deserves it.

Cheers to you all,