Hello Again

Hi there,

It’s been a while.

It’s been a pretty tumultuous time here for a variety of reasons, hence the lack of activity.

However, we’re slowly putting the wheels back on the bus and we might even get around to promoting that album we put out last year.

One of the reasons for the quiet spell is that we’ve been without Pete for most of the year. He’s been gallivanting around France. However, our good buddy Tom Avon of local Hardcore louts, Natural Order, has stepped in to help us out. He’s been a great fit and we’re having a blast playing with him.

The exciting news is that we’re playing with Hüsker Dü’s Grant Hart on the 30th October, that’s a pretty big deal, and we’re also playing dates with the awesome Broadcaster and Muncie Girls in Exeter and Pale Angels in Newport.

Work has commenced on album three and we are hoping to get it done fairly quickly. We hoped that last time though and that took ages so don’t hold your breath.

We’re also hoping to hook up with Failures’ Union again next year. It’s only been four years. If you want us to come to your town let us know.

So, anyway, we’re still here, we still like playing gigs and we’d still like you to buy our records.

Oh, and if you see Pete about tell him that we miss him.