Failures’ Union – Pez collectors, counterfeiters, cash-grabbers and smellmen. The best.

protectors – From Yorkshire. The kind of band you want to hug.

The Magnificent – Up The Punx

 Textbook - C’mon Feel The Illinoize

Cheap Girls - Xanax Salesmen from Michigan

Good Grief  - Scouse gits.

Varsity Drag - Legendary and very well preserved people of Massachusetts.

Harbour - A row.

The Arteries - Tidy butts.

The Vestals - Cheer up goth.

The Modern Farewell - Down, down, deeper and/or down.

Above Them - Lovely boys.

Caves - The REAL David Brent.

Saturday’s Kids - Silky smooth vocal stylings.

Boss Tuneage Records – Our benefactors.

Bombed Out Records - Put out a record by The Take once.

 Phil Morgan Illustration - Drawer of nice things, including our album art.

James Reed - Former Bedford Falls bassist and drawer of nice things, including our album art.



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