March 27th – Bristol, Stag & Hounds, w/Great Cynics, Muncie Girls and Slayer

April 12th – Manchester, UK @ Wahlbar w/Failures’ Union and Good Grief

April 13th – Leeds, UK @ Fox and Newt w/Failures’ Union and Zapian

April 14th – Edinburgh, UK @ Banshee Labyrinth w/Failures’ Union, Terrafraid and Hahira

April 15th – Dundee, UK @ Kage Nightclub w/ Failures’ Union, Frown and Lost Limbs

April 16th – Liverpool, UK @ Maguire’s Pizza Bar, w/Failures Union, Down & Outs and BUZZORHOWL

April 17th – Basingstoke, UK @ Sanctuary Silk Fest, w/Failures’ Union & more

April 18th – Cheltenham, UK @ Frog and Fiddle w/Failures’ Union, Chewing on Tinfoil and Austeros

April 19th – Swansea, UK @ Mozarts, w/Failures’ Union

April 20th – Bristol, UK @ Mother’s Ruin, w/Failures’ Union

April 21 – TBA

April 22nd – Turin, Italy @ Alla Vecchia Maniera Bruino, w/Faiures’ Union

April 23rd – Milan, Italy @ TBA, w/Failures’ Union

April 24th – Frankfurt, Germany @ Ponyhof, w/Failures Union

April 25th – TBA

April 26th – Exeter, UK @ Cavern, w/Failures’ Union and The Luddite

April 27th – Cardiff, UK @ Undertone, w/Failures’ Union, The Luddite and Pipedream


31st August – Cardiff, The Moon Club, w/The Magnificent, Good Grief

7th September – Kingston, The Fighting Cocks, w/Billy No Mates, Wonk Unit and Anonymous Tip

8th September – Cambridge, The Cornerhouse w/Billy No Mates, Vanilla Pod, Bear Trade and Helen Chambers

9th September – Birmingham, The Actress & Bishop, w/Billy No Mates, The Killerest Expression 

18th October – Exeter, The Cavern, w/The Cut Ups & more TBC

20th October – Manchester, Gullivers, Carefully Planned Festival

11th November – Cardiff, Undertone, w/Schande

23rd November –  Cardiff, Buffalo, w/The Cut Ups & The Modern Farewell

25th November – Bristol, The Croft, w/Leatherface

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