This is the website for Welsh Indie-Rock types, Bedford Falls

We’ve been ploughing our particular furrow for almost a decade now. Taking influence from 90s Indie Rock and the underground rock of the 80s, we ally noise to melody and melancholy in a manner consistent with bands from those eras.
We’ve released a bunch of records and played a bunch of gigs with a bunch of bands. It’s been fun.

Our latest album; “Elegant Balloons”, was written in a flurry of activity following a tour of the United States in late 2010 and was recorded in early 2012 at Monnow Valley Studios, a place which has played host to a number of rock legends. And us.

“Elegant Balloons”, will be released by Boss Tuneage Records on August 27th and is available for pre-order now!

Invite yourself to our album launch!

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