Album Three

Hello there.

It would appear that we’ve stockpiled enough songs to make a record so we’re hoping to do that over the next few months.

However, making records has a tendency to cost money so, if you’d like to hear the record we’d like to make, you can help us do so (and in the process help clear some space in Tom W’s spare room) by buying some merch from us.

Impending relocations mean that we’re probably not going to be available to play too many one off gigs, locally or away from home, until the record comes out so this is our only way to raise cash.

So, if you have some holes in your Bedford Falls collection and/or you’d like to help us make a new record you can do so here:

Or here:

If you don’t have any holes in your Bedford Falls collection or just have no money, you can help by spreading the word. Perhaps you have a friend that might like us.